Straight Stairlift

What is the weight capacity of the stairlift?

With careful design and rugged rail, our stairlifts can operate safely up to a 350 lbs weight capacity.

How fast does the stairlift travel?

It travels at the speed of 19.7 feet per minute, which operates within the industry standard recommended speeds.

What is the length of rail for the stairlift?

Our standard rail length is 16’, longer lengths are available for a straight stairlift.

What is the minimum width of a staircase that the stairlift can fit?

When installing the stairlift, it is important to take into consideration the minimum width of the stairway. The minimum width of a staircase that will function with the unit is 30 inches.

What type of drive system does the unit use?

The stairlift uses a rack & pinion drive type.

What colors are available for the stairlift?

There are 6 color options, 1 standard color and 5 optional colors. Our Dealers can help you select a color scheme that will closely match the interior of your home.

Can I use remote controls for the stairlift?

Yes. The stairlift comes standard with 2 remote controls that operate on infra-red.

What are some of the safety features of the chair?

All units are equipped with seat belts, an emergency stop button, and an overspeed safety device which is currently one of the only units on the market that offers this as a standard feature.